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The MPMMTM Standard edition provides you with a complete methodology for undertaking projects. Every phase, activity and task is described in incredible detail, with 1000+ content pages, templates, tables, charts and checklists helping you along the way. 

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MPMM Professional includes an entire methodology for managing projects. It steps you through every phase, activity and task needed to complete a project from start to finish. And it comes with all of the templates and examples you need, to save time.

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The purpose of a program is to provide central management and control over a set of underlying projects. The program allows the projects to achieve a common benefit that would be difficult for each project to achieve independently.
MPMM Program shows how to manage a program efficiently.

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As you know, the purpose of the project is not to perform project management. The purpose is to build something. The work to build the product is referred to as the product lifecycle. There are many type of lifecycles - construction, pharmaceuticals, product development and more.

MPMM Lifecycle is for IT development projects

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The Business Case states the problem to be solved, and describes potential solutions which, if accepted, will become a project.  This example has sample information for three of these, and shows how an analysis of the options leads to a recommended solution.  Finally, the typical supporting documents are described.

MPMM Professional and Enterprise Editions include templates and examples.  Now you can have just the examples if that is all you need!  By seeing how another Project Manager planned a project, you may gain the insight you need to create your own plans.

These examples are derived from the templates and examples found within MPMM.  Those examples are not framed in a template, but these are.  They may be used for study or as the first draft of your own plan.  Details are not those of a real company, but are similar to what would be found in an actual set of planning documents.

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The Project Plan outlines the activities, tasks, milestones, and effort needed to execute the project.  This example has sample information for all of these, along with a Gantt chart.  Finally, the schedule's dependencies, assumptions and constraints are noted both to highlight their importance and to note that if these items change, the cost or schedule of the project will change as a result.