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MPMM Project Plan Example

Project Plan Example (1 user) $9.95

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Project Plan Example


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MPMM Professional and Enterprise Editions include templates and examples. Now you can have just the examples if that is all you need! By seeing how another Project Manager planned a project, you may gain the insight you need to create your own plans.

These examples are derived from the templates and examples found within MPMM.
What you get is an MPMM Template, filled in with an MPMM Case Study.
It may be used for study or as the first draft of your own plan. Details are not those of a real company, but are similar to what would be found in an actual set of planning documents.

The Project Plan outlines the activities, tasks, milestones, and effort needed to execute the project. This example has sample information for all of these, along with a Gantt chart. Finally, the schedule's dependencies, assumptions and constraints are noted both to highlight their importance and to note that if these items change, the cost or schedule of the project will change as a result.

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